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Ogun State is popularly known to contain a lot historically interesting places to visit during summer or holidays.  The State government has preserved the culture of the citizens by emphasizing interest in tourism by renovating  tourist sites around the state.  A water bottle, sunscreen, a face towel, a camera,  your smart phone, and even ATM cards should get you on the right side of the steep.

  1.  Olumo Rock in Abeokuta.

Olumo rock is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Africa. The city of Olumo derives its name from this rock. Abeokuta meaning “under the rock” is reminder of how the indigenes of Egba land used this incredible rock as a fortress during the inter-tribal wars of the 19th century. The rock is currently refurbished and managed by the state government. There is a one-stop-shop which houses art and artifacts within the premises and an eatery where guests can buy snacks and relax. There are very educated, knowledgeable and entertaining  tour guides on rock. Meanwhile, guests who are unable to climb the rock can take the elevator or stairs.

   2.  Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library.

The Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library rests on a majestic hill overlooking the breath-taking views of Ogun State. It is one of the Ogun state most stunning event locations, and a perfect destination for your next special event. With rooms and outdoor venues capable of hosting intimate meetings for 10 or gala dinners for up to 1,500 guests, The Library offers a diverse selection of memorable settings, from the mission-inspired elegance of the main library building to the sleek, modern grandeur of the Air Force One Pavilion.

3. Yemoji Natural Swimming Pool at Ijebu-Ode

The natural swimming pool is located in the Yemoji Tourist Centre which is located a few kilometres from Ijebu Ode Town. The swimming pool is a very refreshing place to take a dive into after a long day. It is one of nature’s amazing places that are located in Ogun State.

4. Birikisu Sugbo Shrine at Oke-Eri

Bilikisu Sugbon is the believed biblical Queen of Sheba. Who hailed from Ethiopia where she is known as Queen Balqis. She sojourned from Ethopia to Oke Eri, Ijebu area of Ogun state where she later died. Through the works of Archaeologists from University of Ibadan; five tourists site have been identified and carved out from Bilikisu Sugbon complementing one another. The sites are: The Moat, The Tomb; The botanical garden; the zoological garden and the potteries and relics found from the excavated ground.

5. Lisabi Sacred Forest

The history of this forest is deeply intertwined with the history of the warrior it is named after and the people of Egba land. Lisabi fought bravely and tirelessly during the inter-tribal wars that occurred between the Egba people and other tribes. It was said that he went to this forest with a few other warriors and their family to take solace in its depth. Rare bird  and plant species can be found in this forest. It is also believed that the remains of this great warrior is still housed in this forest. There is an annual march to Lisabi Forest by the sons and daughters of Egba land to Lisabi forest to commemorate and remember the greatness that was the legend, Lisabi.

6. Madam Tinubu Shrine, Abeokuta

This shrine was built in respect of the first female high chief in all of Yoruba Land. She, the Iyalode of Egba land is still regarded as one of the richest women in African history till date. Born Efunporoye Osuntinubu, she lived from 1810 – 1887 and in that time, she traded in Arms and supplied Abeokuta warriors with arms necessary to win their war with the Dahomey people.

7.  Oyan Dam in Abeokuta North

The Oyan River Dam is in Abeokuta North local government area of Ogun State in the West of Nigeria, about 20 km north west of the state capital Abeokuta. The dam crosses the Oyan River, a tributary of the Ogun River. It is used primarily to supply raw water to Lagos and Abeokuta, but has potential for use in irrigation and power generation.

8.  Oronna Shrine, Ilaro

The shrine is located at ilaro, it was named after a great warrior who defended the town and the people from the intertribal wars that was ravaging the Yoruba kingdom of old. During his lifetime, no enemy dare challenge Ilaro to war. There was much peace all around. Oronna pledge that even in death, he should be called up to defend the town of Ilaro with appropriate sacrifices at his shrine.

9.  Area J4 Forest Reserve

Ogun State Forestry Plantation Project, Area J4is the largest industrial plantation in Nigeria and was established in 1980 for the purpose of establishing and managing commercial forest plantations.

10. Centenary Hall, Ake

This is one of the places that history lovers flock to. This museum which is at the heart of Abeokuta features arts and artefacts that tell a story of Prehistoric Nigeria, war relations and strategy amongst the Yoruba warriors, specifically the legendary warriors of Egba land and many more. There are curators on site to take guests around and also provide information about any item that piques one’s interest.

11. June 12 Cultural center, Kuto

Located in the heart of Kuto, this cultural centre was built in remembrance of the activities that took place during the political elections of June 12, 1993. It houses a convention centre, a swimming pool, an amusement park and a cinema for viewing movies. Also, the annual week-long Ake Books and Art Festival organised by the Book Buzz foundation is hosted at the June 12 Cultural Centre. The centre also boasts a lively nightlife as the onsite bar and club is very functional from 7:00 pm.

12. Palace of the Alake of Egbaland

The Alake’s Palace houses the first Bible brought by the missionaries to Nigeria. It also holds other important cultural items. The Alake is the Custodian of the history of the people of Egba land and this is his abode. At the entrance of the palace, the wordings “Alake Ti Ile Egba” which means “The Palace of the Alake of Egba land” is boldly inscribed.

13. Ijamido River Shrine,Ota

This river is located in Ota local government, Ogun state. It was first discovered as a pond by the second person to settle in Ota known as Odejobi who later became the first Onikosi of Osi Quarters around 14th century. Odejobi discovered this pond that later became a river unexpectedly. He had earlier sent his younger brother by the name Ajibowu to go and fetch water from Iloldimu River that they had crossed earlier before settling at Osi in Ota to prepare the game (a ferocious Buffalo) he had just killed. But Ajibowu went reluctantly to fetch the water and he took a longer time in returning, as a result of this, Odejobi decided to go and fetch the water himself.

14. Iwopin Boat Regatta and Ebute-Oni in Ogun Waterside

Some festivals are celebrated at this boat regatta. It is an interesting spot to visit and take boat rides. It is located at Iwopin, Ogun Waterside, Ogun State.

Other amazing historical places include Tongeji Island, Ipokia, Old Manse at Ogbe, Abeokuta and much more.

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