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In Ogun State, there are many things that sum up our beauty and one of the important things we cherish is our markets. Take a quick tour at our markets.

Abeokuta Market
Adire and Batik Market, Abeokuta
Ago Iwoye Central Market
Ijebu Igbo Market
Imakun Omi Market
Ita Osun, Ijebu Ode
Kuto Market, Abeokuta
Lafenwa Market, Abeokuta
Oja Oba/Ita Aje, Ijebu Ode
Oja Odan
Oru Market
Ota Market
Sabo Market, Sagamu
Shagamu Market


Imakun Omi Market
This market is at Ogun waterside in Ogun State.
It is a market where cheap commodities are sold, the most amazing part is that trade by barter still exist. Some women will come from I lake area of Ondo state, with basket of fishes and will be shouting ” Eja Ogede o”. Which means if you have plantain come and let us exchange with fish, While some will be shouting “Eja gaari o” that is to exchange fish with gaari.
Lusada Market 
This is a market mainly for Igbesa people in Ogun State but it is a market for both whole salers and retailers, traders from other villages also come there to sell their goods, it is the central market of the people of Igbesa land who don’t really have a market as they spend their days in the farm.
It is held every five days, helps in bringing different shoppers all over the neighbouring towns to  showcase their products, while traders from Badagry, Cotonou, Idiroko, borders and as well as the northerners use this opportunity to sell their goods, such as rice, groundnut oil and turkey to sell to shoppers at a cheaper rate.

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